Planting healthy forests for the children of all species is at the heart of Children’s Forest.

It is vital to plant native trees appropriate to a particular environment, for beneficial eco-restoration and positive climate change action.

We encourage groups to source saplings with care, as locally as possible for healthy forests. We also encourage forests from seed. Children can be helped to gather local tree seeds, growing and tending them in tree nurseries before planting them out as a Children’s Forest. We are creating resources with inspiration and information on this process.

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Trees for Schools, Apply for Free Trees (

Forests from Seed

We have been gathering and growing native tree seeds in our locality, in order to plant them with groups of children as they create their Children’s Forest.

We have also created a tree nursery to bring on seedlings until they are ready to be planted out.  Currently we have the following species: Oak, Rowan, Ash, Hazel, Crab Apple, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Elder…