Parts 1 & 2: Forest Experience and Imagining

The first section of the course introduces the concepts and processes integral to Children’s Forest. The course brings nature connection practices that will help you to develop your skills and deepen your own relationship to woodlands. We will be offering tree lore, crafts, games and sensory awareness activities to enable the practitioner and their group of children to have the richest woodland and tree experiences. During the weekend we will dive into the creative power of the imagination through storytelling, song, and art in the woods. There will be an exploration into how to develop a rich inner landscape, which will activate children’s imagination for Children’s Forest planting. We use this faculty as a way to engage with future generational thinking and planning.

Dates: Sussex September 16-19th


The skills offered on this course will enable you to work with children to plant a Children’s Forest in the best way possible. We will look at reading your local landscape, studying your site, choosing species, planting and tending your trees. There will be an emphasis on how we engage children in our human capacity as carers and creators with the natural world, studying and tending the forests in the longer term to enable a flourishing biodiversity. This course will offer rich learning about native species and how to work with children to grow your own trees. We will look at how to plant from seed, how to create and tend a tree nursery, make compost and learn about the importance of mycelium and healthy soil. Throughout we will explore how to approach these practical skills in a connective way with children.

Dates: Sussex October 15-17th

Cost £600